Cannabis Accessories

October 19, 2018

What accessories are available to assist in cannabis consumption? 

There are a multitude of accessories available to assist in your cannabis consumption. Whether you are looking at inhalation, vaporization or ingestion there are accessories to suit everyone's preferences. 

What should I do with my newly purchased cannabis?

accessories pipeBefore consuming it, cannabis flowers needs to be broken down. For this, the preferred method is a grinder.

Once your cannabis is broken down or shredded you can choose how to consume it. 

Hand Pipes are a quick and convenient way to consume cannabis if you prefer to inhale it. Water Pipes, also known as water bongs, are a lot like a very large pipe, but they have the addition of water which helps to filter the smoke before inhaling. There are a wide variety of water pipes so don’t be afraid to check with an in-store expert for the best personal fit. 

Bubblers are similar to a hand pipe but smaller and also allow the user to add water for filtration. Commonly found in pipes, bubblers and water pipers are screens. These are necessary to prevent the plant matter or ashes from being inhaled. You’ll also hear about diffusion stems and bowls; these are accessories used with a water pipe. 

If you’re looking to sample a small amount of cannabis strains, a taster might be appropriate for you. A taster is known as a ‘one hitter’ because it holds only a puff or two worth of cannabis; and it’s like a cylindrical pipe but smaller. You’ll also see Dug Out Boxes which are built to hold a taster as well as a small amount of cannabis. 

acessories jointAnother cannabis staple is rolling papers.  There is a large variety of brands and styles of rolling papers, and it’s recommended to try a few different brands to see which you like best. When you elect to roll a joint, you may also choose to add filter tips, which keep plant matter in its place. 

Rolling machines and tins are another helpful accessory for the newcomer. They’re designed help a person learn how to roll cannabis correctly. They only require you to load a rolling paper and the cannabis into the device, then they do the work, saving guesswork and the need to go through multiple papers and deal with spilled cannabis as newcomers are learning. 

It’s always good to keep a variety of cleaners on hand. Keeping your accessories clean is always good practice.

What if I don't want to burn or combust my cannabis? Do I have other options?
Although combustion is the most popular and familiar method of consumption, there are other options. A lot of consumers enjoy vaporization or ingestion as an alternative to combustion.

There are many different kinds of vaporizers available. They either run on conduction or convection methods of heating. Convection vaporizers use heated air that passes over the cannabis to bring it to its ideal temperature while conduction vaporizers use direct contact with a heat source to bring the cannabis to its ideal temperature. Both are designed to heat up and melt cannabinoids and terpenes. These devices are a great method for those consumers that want to have temperature control over their cannabis.

Infusion machines are designed to add decarboxylate to dry cannabis for extraction of the cannabinoids. Depending on the machine, some extract the terpenes also. This extract can be applied to edibles or topicals like ointments. These machines allow for greater versatility in the area of consumption. 

- The Cannabis Management team



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