Strain Types

October 19, 2018

What to expect when purchasing cannabis? 
When purchasing cannabis in the retail store the consumer will notice cannabis is sectioned into three distinct groups, sativa, indica, and hybrid (combination of both the sativa and indica plant).

What is available for purchase and how much can I buy?
Dried Flower (whole flower and milled) - pre roll, 1g and 3.5g
Cannabis Oil - 20ml, 30ml, 40ml bottles
Capsules - 15 caps and 60 caps packaging

It is important for the cannabis consumer to know that the maximum amount of recreational cannabis one can purchase and possess at one time is 30 grams.

Calgary Co-op Cannabis supports responsible recreational cannabis consumption. For more information please visit the AGLC or Government of Canada websites. 

Cannabis strain types and what they are: 

Why is it important to know the differences between Indica and Sativa? 
Knowing the difference in strain types and their associated effects can be extremely beneficial when selecting a cannabis strain to purchase. Each individual cannabis strain type has its own varied effects associated with it.

Indica strains are commonly suggested to have more full body relaxing and calming effects while Sativas are commonly known for their cerebral, energetic, and focused effects. Knowing this gives the consumer the knowledge needed to make an informed decision in selecting the right cannabis strain so you can have the right cannabis experience for you.

strains stat3Cannabis Sativa
This Cannabis plant develops a narrow leaf. It’s taller and less bushy, producing flowers that are less dense, longer, and more spear-like in shape. They often have wispy hairs.

Known to have a lower Cannabinoid content, Sativa is known for its cerebral, uplifting or energetic and focused effects.

Cannabis Indica
cannabis indicaThis classification of Cannabis plant has a wider leaf, and grows shorter and bushier, producing flowers that are denser and not as elongated. Known to have a higher Cannabinoid content, Indica often produces full body relaxation and can have calming effects.

Hybrids produce flowers that can have qualities of either classification. Generally leaning towards one or the other for its predominant qualities and effects, Hybrids are considered to be the best of both worlds. Effects of Hybrids often vary, since their effects will depend on inherited traits from the parent strains. Ask your Co-op Cannabis advisor for help picking the right Hybrid strain for you.

- The Cannabis Management team



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