October 18, 2018

Cannabis can be enjoyed in a number of ways. You may be most familiar with smoking—any method in which the flower is lit on fire to inhale the resulting smoke, such as smoking a pre-roll, pipe, or bong. When using smoking methods, a large amount of the cannabinoids are burned before they are inhaled.

Vaporization offers users a smoother, healthier way to enjoy cannabis. It creates less lingering smell by vaporizing the cannabis instead of burning it and doesn’t necessitate a lighter. If you’re concerned about the stigma of smoking or just want to explore a new consumption method that is a little less harsh, keep reading!

How Vaporizers Work
vaporizer 2Vaporizers heat up the cannabis to a temperature hot enough to vaporize it but not so hot it ignites. This results in a water vapor steeped in the essential oils of the cannabis. As you draw the vapor into your lungs, the cannabinoids are inhaled and the exhalation consists of only water vapor. With vaporization, almost all the cannabinoids are dissolved into the water vapor, making each inhalation more potent than typical smoking. Plus cannabis that has already been vaporized still contains some active ingredients and is technically decarboxylated, so you can collect it and use it in cooking.

Are Vaporizers really better for your lungs?
The biggest argument for vaporizing is that it’s healthier. Since nothing gets burnt, the toxic by-products associated with smoking are minimized. Plus, vaporizers are much more efficient than combustion, meaning users need to inhale less for the desired results.

Types of Vaporizers

Interested in vaporizing cannabis? Here are the two main types of vapes you can choose from:

VaporizersConvection: Convection vaporizers use heated air that passes over the cannabis to bring it to its ideal temperature. The cannabis itself never comes into contact with the heating element. Instead, the vaporizer uses hot air to dissolve the cannabinoids and terpenes, which can then be inhaled in vapor form. Most convective vaporizers are made of ceramic or stainless steel.

Vaporizers that use convection: Volcano, Herbalaire Elite, Utillian 721/420

Conduction: Conduction vaporizers use direct contact with a heat source to bring the cannabis to its ideal temperature. Using an electronically heated metal plate or screen to direct the heat throughout the device’s chamber, the vaporizer converts the cannabinoids and terpenes into vapor.

Vaporizers that use conduction: Focus Vape Pro, Magic Flight Box

Portable Vaporizers
These vaporizers are still battery-powered like vape pens but they’re bigger. They are devices that can be used on the go, ranging from handheld size to a small tabletop configuration. These work well if you intend to use cannabis with a group and prefer the benefits of vaping.
cannabis cvolcano
Tabletop Vapes
Much bigger than a handheld, tabletop vaporizers are perfect if you want to vape at home. They rely on an outlet for their power, which means you’ll never run out of power halfway through use. These vapes are not discreet, but a powerful way to enjoy cannabis more thoroughly, as they allow for greater flavour and better control over temperature.

Choosing a Vaporizer

To decide which vaporizer is best for you, consider your lifestyle and cannabis needs. If you’re most interested in enjoying cannabis in your own home, any variation would work. If you plan on regularly partaking, a tabletop vaporizer may best suit your needs.

If you intend to share cannabis in a social setting outside of the home, a portable vaporizer is likely your best option. Again, the difference between the two is down to the amount of cannabis you’re planning to use. As always, please remember to secure a safe ride home if you choose to consume cannabis.

Consult an Expert

All Co-op Cannabis shops employ experts to help you make the right choices around cannabis consumption. They can answer any questions about cannabis varieties, how to enjoy it, or the legal limits surrounding recreational use. Visit one of our locations to start enjoying cannabis your way.

- The Cannabis Management team



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