Tammy - Manager, Macleod Trail

Tammy F Manager

Tammy’s background is rooted in the medical community. She worked as a nurse before transitioning to a medical cannabis educator, ultimately as the Western Regional Clinical Manager in a Canada-wide company. In her years on the medical side, she has seen the positive effects this natural alternative has had on various lives. She believes in the remarkable positive outcomes that cannabis can bring.

With the legalization of recreational cannabis, Tammy is excited to provide safe access to cannabis, while helping to reduce the stigma surrounding cannabis use. She feels that recreational use can be integrated into communities in a responsible and respectful way for people in all walks of life.

Tammy’s experience has shown her how valuable education can be for all those interested in cannabis. She has her masters’ certification, encompassing cannabis types, strains, consumption methods, growing and cooking, and can answer any of your questions regarding topical applications.