What We Do

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, we are pleased to announce that we will be opening more stores across Calgary in the on-going months. Co-op Cannabis is proud to be a division of the Calgary Co-operative Association Limited, one of the largest retail cooperatives in North America with 440,000 members, 3900+ employees, assets of $486 million and annual sales of over 1.3 billion. Similar to our Co-op Wine Spirits Beer, our Cannabis Stores will operate separately from any current Calgary Co-op retail stores.

At Calgary Co-op, we take pride in hiring outstanding people from the communities we serve. That’s how we built our company from the ground up to become Calgary’s fourth largest non-government employer. Co-op Cannabis’ focus will be on delivering an exceptional customer experience from a highly knowledgeable team with a commitment to quality, value and the responsible use of products.

Our Cannabis Stores will retail dried cannabis and cannabis oil, in addition to cannabis accessories. Purchases will qualify for the annual member refund. As the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC) is the only organization with the ability to sell cannabis online in Alberta, Co-op Cannabis will only be selling products in the stores. No product will be allowed to be consumed in our stores or delivered to consumers. In addition, people under the age of 18 will not be permitted in the stores.

We look forward to providing our members with a choice in the products they purchase.

Become A Product Knowledge Specialist

Our Product Knowledge Specialists learn and maintain cutting-edge industry knowledge with privileged access to professional education, including in-house seminars, industry-specific training and external training sources. The Specialist will not only advance their knowledge of cannabis, oils and accessories, they will become experts at delivering valuable knowledge and exceptional customer service. They’ll benefit from product training provided directly from the vendors and take external training courses with our support.

To work in Alberta’s cannabis industry you must be an AGLC approved Qualified Cannabis Worker (QCW) by completing the following:

  1. Complete SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training; AND
  2. Complete QCW application package and submit to AGLC (further information below).


All QCW application forms must include a current, original criminal record check and must be provided by the RCMP or other local police agency. AGLC will not accept third-party criminal record checks. Photocopies or scanned documents will not be accepted.

Our Roles

Cannabis Store Manager

The Store Manager is at the heart of leading and managing a successful overall operation of their Co-op Cannabis location. They are responsible for developing and maintaining a knowledgeable, highly motivated, positive and passionate workforce that provides exceptional customer service, along with ensuring program execution and overall company profitability.

Working closely with the Operations Manager, the Store Manager is also responsible for the management of the team’s image and standards, implementation and adherence to company programs, policies and procedures, as well as scheduling, appraisals, budgeting and attainment of financial results.

Cannabis Supervisor

The Store Supervisor provides support to the Store Manager, leading the team in the development of effective sales strategies while emphasizing exceptional customer service. The Supervisor leads by example and motivates team members to continuously rise to their individual potential. In addition, this role provides support and feedback to the Store Manager to maximize store sales potential. They assist in meeting store budget objectives, ordering and receiving, store inventory and merchandizing, and feedback of team performance.



The Budtender provides front line customer service and maintains exceptional customer relations as part of a sales floor team. On top of operating the checkout, the Budtender ensures neat and attractive product presentation and maintains store appearance and cleanliness.